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Bacteria and Surface Germ Removal

Bacteria and Surface Germ Removal

Eliminate any surface bacteria and germs in your home, business or vehicle!

Biosweep Renewal in Barrie, Ontario offers bacteria and surface germ removal services

To defend against the rising health concerns, surface bacteria and germs, Biosweep Renewal offers two highly effective solutions.

The first is BIOSWEEP Base Treatment. It is a powerful, industry leading advanced decontamination technology that uses a form of photo-catalytic oxidation to eliminate airborne and surface contaminants. This bacteria and surface germ removal solution is our main air treatment process to eliminate bad odours from organic sources.

The second solution is BIOSWEEP Surface Defense, which is used for long-lasting protection. It is a specially formulated antimicrobial treatment system for slowing the return and reducing disease-causing bacteria, germs, viruses, mould and other fine matter on virtually any surface.

BIOSWEEP Base Treatment is recommended prior to BIOSWEEP Surface Defense for the best results.

Biosweep Renewal can provide the BIOSWEEP solutions for bacterial and surface germ removal on-site at your location. All Biosweep treatments are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and remove the need for less effective methods of decontamination or deodorization and harsh chemicals.

For more information on bacteria and surface germ removal services for residential, commercial or industrial environments, please call Biosweep Renewal in Barrie, Ontario.

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Gold Update Merit
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