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Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation

Eliminate the mould in your home, business or establishment

Biosweep Renewal in Barrie, Ontario offers mould removal services

Being exposed to a mouldy environment can cause a range of detrimental health effects, such as coughing or wheezing, eye or throat irritation, or even cause skin irritation. Mould is caused by a moisture problem that has gone undetected or untreated and has begun to fester. It is very important that proper mould remediation services are completed as soon as possible to avoid additional spreading of mould spores or other bacteria.

Biosweep Renewal is Barrie and areas local solution for mould remediation services! By using our BIOSWEEP equipment, we can provide airborne and surface decontamination for residential and commercial properties.

BIOSWEEP incorporates advanced technology and a proven process that allows for mould remediation, as well as mildew and other odour causing bacteria, which can be a part of a single application for a mild case of mould or as part of a complete reconstruction.

By using the BIOSWEEP Treatment, Biosweep Renewal will remove all surface and airborne mould spores as well as mould-related odours that may be a result of the restoration project.

Following this, we will use BIOSWEEP Surface Defense to provide a safe and effective defence against all surfaces against mould, bacteria, mildew, viruses and algae. This will slow the growth of any harmful pathogens that could potentially lead to odours, stains, sickness or deterioration of textiles and fabrics for up to a year!

Biosweep Renewal specializes in mould remediation that is safe, effective and in the most timely manner possible. We will surpass any other comparable technologies in affordability, quality of service and turn-around time.

For more information on BIOSWEEP, or our mould remediation services - please give Biosweep Renewal in Barrie, Ontario a call.

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Gold Update Merit
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